Malia Obama's Fancy Dress Is Actually Affordable

Photo: Courtesy of The White House.
Last time we checked in with Malia Obama, she'd sent the entire Internet into a tizzy with just one leaked selfie and an underground hip-hop T-shirt. The photo shown here isn't nearly as nuclear as a secret First Daughter Instagram, granted, but we're still pretty thrilled to see that the younger generation of Obama women is carrying on Michelle's tradition of wearing clothes that normal people can both find and afford.

Yesterday, The White House's Facebook page posted this Easter pic of the Obama family. And, once we'd recovered from the family's always-high levels of stunningness, and duly noted their mastery of complementary colors, we saw that Malia's dress looked familiar. Turns out, her family-portrait dress is by Mink Pink, and is available for $80 at Modcloth. We're also sure it'll look just as great accessorized with a pair of adidas Gazelles as it does with a flawless family and a backdrop of cherry blossoms in full bloom. 

It's also worth noting that both the Obama daughters seem to be over the "parents are so lame, man" smirking that characterized history's greatest presidential turkey pardon last Thanksgiving. You know you're growing up when you quit eye-rolling and just take a nice photo with your folks, already.

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