This Button Automatically Reorders Almost Anything From Amazon

Photo: Courtesy Amazon.
When it comes to making lives easier, Amazon is on a roll. Yesterday, it unveiled Amazon Home Services, which lets you order professional repairs and other household assistance through its site. Today, meet Amazon Dash: a button that automatically reorders a specific product when you press it.  You read that right. (And, yes, we confirmed: This isn't an April Fool's joke.) Amazon Prime members can use this button to reorder a product as soon as it's running low. The whole thing is simple to set up: After connecting it to your home WiFi network, you use the Amazon smartphone app to select the product you want to order with the button. Then, a single press will automatically set the order in motion. At that point, a notification is sent to your phone, so you can cancel if you change your mind (or if you accidentally sat on the button). Plus, the tool won't respond to an additional press until your initial order has been delivered — so if you live in a multi-person household, you don't have to worry about three giant containers of paper towels showing up when you only needed one.  The Amazon Dash button works with a wide variety of products from specific brands — such as Cottonelle toilet paper, Olay moisturizer, Lara bars, and Glad trash bags. The gadget, which is an inch or two long, has reusable adhesive and a hook on the back, so you can place it in your house wherever it makes the most sense. You can buy as many as you want and can designate each button to a different home product you regularly use.  On one hand, of course, it feels kind of silly to have a button in your home solely dedicated to ordering and reordering a single product. On the other hand...has there ever been anything more convenient? You can reorder more coffee as soon as you're running low, without leaving the kitchen! And, you can summon more razor blades when you inevitably hit the bottom of the pack, instead of using that last razor for way, way too long! Not that we've ever done that.  Ordering a Dash is free, but you must be an Amazon Prime member. You can request an invite to get your own Dash button today. 

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