This Math Teacher (And Model) Makes Us Want To Go Back To School

The lucky students at University College London might have had a particularly difficult time paying attention during Professor Pietro Boselli’s math lectures. Why you ask? The room was too cold, the lights were too dim, the view out the window was too distracting, perhaps? Nope. In this instance, the teacher himself has overshadowed the subject, thanks to one student’s discovery of his other job. A no-big-deal other job as a super successful male model.  

That moment when you realised your maths lecturer is one of the top designer model 󾌯 #OnlyatUCL #UCLengineering...

Posted by Arief Azli on Thursday, January 30, 2014
Boselli worked as a teaching assistant and lecturer at the London school until June 2014, People reports.  

The good looking AND smart multi-tasker is represented by Models1, and according to his Instagram—which is home to almost more ridiculously good looking pictures than we can handle right now—has a PhD in engineering and is "addicted to training." Smart and handsome? Yasss!
Is there an equation that can calculate your appeal to the eye, sir?
Pop that collar. 
We're not sure we buy those "addicted to training" claims, though. There's clearly no evidence.

BRB, we're signing up for college in London.

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