Block Spam & Make Money? We’re So Into This New Service

Tired of getting inundated with endless emails? Charge people to send them to you in the first place. Seriously. New service,, lets you invoice folks who want to reach your inbox. The process is simple: Sign up for an an account and make sure to give people that email address. Once they try to email you, the sender is notified of the paywall and can either buck up or give up. And, how much they pay is entirely up to you. The minimum is set at $.99, but there is currently no maximum, reports If they do decide to pay, you’ll receive the email to your primary account. From there, you can either put the money in a Stripe account (for a fee) or donate to Watsi, a healthcare crowdfunding platform — turning ducking unwanted email into giving back. Creator Ivan Pashchenko told The Daily Dot that the service can be used for a number of things including, to fix cold emails like unprompted pitches and unwanted contact attempts, charge for your attention, or to build a service. We'll be using it to get rid of all the unwanted spam bogging down our inboxes. Amirite?

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