Kim Kardashian’s 5 Easy Steps To Total Instagram Domination

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Asking Kim Kardashian how to succeed at social media is like asking Mario Batali how to make pasta or Michelangelo how to paint. Mock all you want, but the reality star has an impressive 28.4 million followers following her every move on Instagram. How does she do it? The Hollywood Reporter went ahead and asked. North West's mama shares her Instagram tricks of the trade in this week's issue, and they're surprisingly simple. Of course, being a huge celebrity who happens to be married to Kanye West might give her an edge that we mere mortals can't compete with.  You can read all of her tips here, but we've got some Kim-certified pointers below.  1. There's no "method." Kardashian revealed that she has no master plan for what she posts and when.  She does, however, try to avoid promoting products too much. "I try really hard not to promote products — or very rarely," she said. "I was obsessed with these waist shapers after I had a baby, so I would put those up. I took a picture with an eyelash product I like. Some people post a couple times a day to promote their products, but I won't." 

2. She doesn't use filters.
 You won't be seeing this gal in Nashville or Earlybird. "I can't ever figure it out, and I don't like the way they look, so I'd rather not bother," she admitted.

3. She Instagrams everything herself.
So put away that application to be her magical Insta elf. 

4. Bruce Jenner has a "secret account."
Kardashian prides herself on keeping tabs on family through Instagram. Let's hope she forgot to follow Rob.

5. There are no words.
"I don't like it when people post quotes all the time," Kim said. 
There you have it, folks. Go forth and conquer! 

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