Lady Gaga's Frenchie Is Your New Favorite Instagram Dog

Lady Gaga's known for carting her adorable French bulldog around town, but now you can enjoy Asia Kinney’s jowly beauty from the comfort of your own smartphone. Asia joined Instagram a mere three days ago, but she’s already racked up over 15,000 followers as of this writing. Even though she's still a pup, she still knows how to work the media — just like her mama!

Asia's already made headlines by appearing on the cover of Harper's Bazaar. She’s also been the subject of some controversy; Gaga was called out by PETA last June for putting jewelry on Asia, including clip-on earrings. Not that the animal rights organization was a huge fan of Gaga to begin with, what with the pop star's meat dress and all, but it was not such a great idea to put pinchy earrings on her beloved pooch.      

In any case, Asia's sweet snout is certainly a welcome appearance on Instagram, where each picture of a cute animal is like a little hit of sunshine. (E! Online

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