This App Is Going To Streamline Your Home & Work Life

Photo: Courtesy of Scannable.
How we still use physical business cards to network is a bit of a mystery. We end up wanting to throw them out, but there's always that really slight chance we might need to find that contact down the line. By the time we get around to reaching out — if we ever do — we probably wouldn't be able to pick that person out in a lineup, or remember where and when we met them. Fortunately, there's an app for that. Well, actually, there are a lot of apps to help declutter your paper life, but we're sort of all about Evernote's relatively new Scannable app, which has been out for about two months. You can seamlessly scan the tiny piece of paper (in that cab home from the party), upload it into your contact list, and then drop it in the recycling bin when you get home. And, Scannable links to the new contact's LinkedIn profile, so you can avoid that awkward name-to-face remembering game the next time you cross paths.  It works for receipts, too, and of course links to Evernote to organize and send to others. Mostly, we're stoked to get the 10 million business cards off our desk and out of our junk drawers. Sure, they're pretty sometimes, but we don't need all of them.

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