Lena Dunham’s New Haircut Is Gorgeous

Photo: NBC/Getty Images.
Hollywood, Lena Dunham sees your long bob trend and raises you a pixie. The Girls creator, writer, and star showed off her new style last night on an episode of Seth Meyers' Late Night and again today on Instagram, boasting about the zero effort it takes to make her new 'do look good. Lena's no stranger to strand switch-ups — she dabbled in both platinum (complete with a bold bowl cut) and mint green back in 2014. This also isn't the first time she's had a pixie. She rocked the 'do in 2013 as perfectly as she does now. But, out of all the tress transformations she's gone through, this is definitely one of our favorites. We love that Lena isn't afraid to play with her hair and that she's willing to try a wide spectrum of looks. She treats her hair like many of us treat our eye makeup — something to have fun and play with. Her new 'do isn't the only buzzworthy news. The actress' much-anticipated guest appearance on tonight's episode of Scandal  is sure to get everyone talking, if the teasers we've seen are any indication. Lena briefly spoke about the wig she's set to wear on the show, saying it was all her doing. "To save Shonda any tsuris, as we say in the Jewish community, I wanted to say that the wig was my idea and that this was not Shonda's narrative choice...the wig was all me," she told Meyers last night. And, while we may not have a new Gladiator in our midst, we can't wait to see both the infamous wig and the new pixie chop in action. 

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