Looks Like Kendall Jenner's Got A Brand-New Sister

Don't worry, you aren't seeing double in the above snap, shared by Kendall Jenner to her Instagram today. On the left, you've got Kendall herself. On the right is her BFF Cara Delevingne. "I knew we were sisters @caradelevingne #CaKe," Kendall captioned the shot. A little uncanny, right?

With their faces fused just so, Kendall and Cara look oddly similar. They could not only be cousins, they could probably be sisters. You could absolutely argue that Cara is one letter away from being Kara Jenner, just another sibling of the already massive reality family. Which begs the question: If this were true, would Kara play pranks on Kim with Kourtney and Khloé? Would Kara and Kendall scoot off to Malibu to go paddle-boarding with Brody and Brandon?

While our minds are reeling from this insane revelation, it's also important to point out that this side-by-side is a perfect commentary on today's standards of beauty. Here are two girls who, when standing side-by-side, look completely different. But, split their faces down the center, slap 'em together, add a black-and-white background, and the results are pretty shocking. It's kind of like flipping through an old Kevyn Aucoin book, isn't it?

Cultural impact aside, we're already having a ton of fun planning the spinoffs. Kendall & Kara Take Paris?! Someone please call Ryan Seacrest.

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