The Obvious Reason No One Instagrammed This Fashion Show (NSFW)

Whether or not we were invited to sit front row, many of us make up our minds about a fashion week show before the reviews even publish. Via livestreams, photo wires, and social media images — especially on Instagram — we've seen the first look, the Kendall look, and the finale look a half-dozen times within hours of the final bow. So, for a show to purposefully sabotage its own opportunities to be shared on social media (or accessible during work hours), makes a powerful statement. Jacquemus' shocking fall 2015 runway had all the trappings of a viral sensation; his collection could best be described as paper dolls-meet-Penthouse, and it showed during a time without much competition from other brands. But, it was hardly Instagrammed at all.
The reason is simple: Instagram has a no-nudity policy that prohibits any image of nipples (or even a representation of nipples, as it turns out). Of the 38-piece collection, four of the most incendiary (read: Instagrammable) looks were full-on topless. The outfits were all about the sculptural, whimsically stiff bottoms that came down the runway paired with painted-on necklines, hand-shaped scarves, and masks made of butcher's paper. But, we're not sure leaving out tops (or shoes, for that matter), brought our focus to the clothes that were there.
The few people who dared to 'gram the goods quickly realized their mistake. Susie Bubble posting a follow-up image with the caption, "Errr just realised that my Insta might be blocked because of the titty pic.... So here it is again - child's play @JACQUEMUS."
No shirt, no shoes, no service: While this might not apply to many things in fashion, it's definitely the case for front row pics. If you're allowed, click through to see the four looks that never really got a chance to be shared.
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