Connect 2: The Subtle Styling Trick That Makes A Big Difference

By now, dressing in head-to-toe one color is something you can pull off in your sleep, and we’ve already extolled the virtues of monochromatic styling at length: it’s super-easy and makes a big impact. But, the one-color move has evolved a bit and this time around it's about pulling it off with fewer items. (From now on, your entire monochrome outfit won't be ruined if you don't own a pair of Marsala shoes.)
We call it “Connect Two,” where you only go match-matchy with two items in your outfit. You can either pair up your shirt and jacket, your pants and shoes, your skirt and shirt, or some other creative combination. Keep the rest within a complementary color family (neutrals count, too), and you’ve got a seriously fun outfit that’s not quite as in-your-face as full-on monochrome, but still a delight to wear. The six women in this slideshow have already mastered the one-two punch; click on to see how they do it.

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