Winning A Lego Oscar Is Everything, As Emma Stone Proves

Just when millions of Oscar viewers were about to throw in the towel, already bored by acceptance speeches and Neil Patrick Harris' dad jokes, the show was rescued by one of the very films the Academy had snubbed, The Lego Movie. Tegan and Sara, Lonely Island, and a wild array of guest stars brightened up the stage for a performance of "Everything is Awesome" that truly lived up to its name. And, while Batman (Will Arnett) and Questlove were bouncing about onstage, dancers in the aisles bestowed golden Lego statuettes to the A-listers in the crowd. It made for one of the most GIF-able moments of the show.


Those Lego Oscars were no mere child's construction. They were the work of Nathan Sawaya, the lawyer-turned-artist whose elaborate pieces are now touring the country in The Art of the Brick. In case you want to make your own, the "Lego Certified Professional" tweeted out a time-lapse video of himself making the Oscars. Piece of cake!

Let's not ignore the other element that went into the making of this memorable moment: the enthusiasm displayed by its recipients. We imagine Oprah's reaction was more of a demonstration of her acting skills than authentic excitement. But, Emma Stone spent the rest of the evening clutching her statue like it was the real thing. Other stars, like Felicity Jones, were pictured taking theirs to the after-parties, too. Which, they should — just being within reach of one of those things means you've made it.      

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