This Amazingly Weird Toilet Paper Ad Wants You To Go Commando

Well, this is something new. Cottonelle (the toilet tissue and wipes maker) is using a little British charm and hilarious boldness in the form of UK television personality Cherry Healey to class up the act of going commando.

Don’t be shocked, my fellow perhaps-squeamish-about-bodily-functions friends! If you feel like going commando (and in these record-breakingly low temperatures, we salute you), then by all means, go for it. We may be a few days late for National Go Commando Day (yes, it really is a thing), but just like proclamations of love shouldn’t be reserved for Valentine’s Day, so too should the bravado to go underpants-free not be restricted to a mere 24 hours a year. Cottonelle, in fact, dares you to #GoCommando with confidence, going so far as to offer free samples to anyone who dares a friend to do so.

Original boy-banders New Kids On the Block have no problems joining in the fun. ("The wipe stuff." Thank you for that one.)
And on this pinnacle of Awards Season, Oscar Sunday, even the Red Carpet isn't excempt.
We say, go ahead and use it as a catalyst to wear your favorite bootie-hugging pants without worry or add a little intensity to your next night out, a la the incomprable Miss Rachel Green circa 1996. (Also, Ross and Rachel forever.) We won’t judge.       

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