This Is What Our Biggest Winter Style Fear Looks Like

Girl problems: When you want to wear heels in winter.

Posted by High Heel Mom on Tuesday, February 10, 2015
This story was originally published on February 20, 2015, but in light of Winter Storm Jonas, we felt it was time to recirculate the emotional rollercoaster that is this video.

For those of you who’ve made it through this week — meaning Fashion Week or just life — braving the chill, the ice, and the general temptation to just say in bed forever means you deserve some kind of medal of honor. Because, well, this girl in the video above could have been you. It might actually be you. Really, it’s been all of us. What you’re witnessing here is a lady who loves a high, high platform shoe, so much so that even a sheet of sidewalk ice is no deterrent for putting on a pair. Do we salute her attitude? Sure. Can we condone it? Not so much. Because, as you’ll see, our intrepid heels fan experiences about 30 seconds of that awful feeling you get right before you fall (a sensation this clumsy editor knows all too well). Of course, this style enthusiast is hardly alone in placing fashion over practicality. We’ve seen more than a few stiletto-heels-wearing, bare-legged, glove-less participants at this NYFW who might've benefited from viewing this clip as a warning. Five-inch platforms can't replace winter boots. Neither can ballet flats. Nor spindly heels. The next time we consider those styles when the temperature is in the negative digits, we'll think of this, and think again.

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