Rodarte Attempts To Bring Back Leggings As Pants

Are leggings pants? Depends on who you ask, but we fashion people say leggings can be whatever the hell you want them to be. Pants, base layering piece, part of a catsuit, a way to bring your summer dresses into fall — you name it. But, what was once at the top of our clothing heap has gone into the back of our underwear drawer due to the inevitable ebbs and flows of trends. It's been a while since we shared a moment with a pair of leggings, and Rodarte just used its fall 2015 collection to convince us to do a little dresser-digging this weekend.

Theirs were skin-tight (obviously) and made of leather. Unlike other leggings that have recently strut the runway, these were styled with shorter tops tucked in and tied up with belts. Are they chic? Debatable. Daring? You bet. They definitely put it all on display, which we sort of love. They're confident and audacious, and slightly tawdry (but in the awesome way, not the awkward way). They're the high-waisted gold lamé leggings of 2005, but made for today, and we applaud anyone bold enough to wear them. For all the shrink-wrapped gams from the show, click through.

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