Are These Odd Shapes The New It Silhouettes?

When it comes to your personal style, change is hard. The first time you put on skinny jeans, we imagine that, like us, you huffed, you puffed, and maybe said to yourself, "never again," or even, "I can't pull these off." Now look at you! You wear 'em almost every day. Point is: New silhouettes and trends sometimes face a bit of resistance before they're incorporated into everyday wear, national department stores, and, eventually, the fashion canon. By the looks of her fall '15 presentation, Rosie Assoulin is hedging bets on her ability to shock, then soften, then convert people to daring and even odd shapes. And, we're doubling down. 
There were double bell-shaped ensembles comprised of tops that ended before the belly button and skirts that jutted in outward swoops just as they reached the floor. There were dresses that buttressed out at the butt and had pockets in the front like a little papoose. There were gowns that buttoned down over pants. There were pants that flared out when you least expected them to, large and loose at the last possible chance — mid-calf. There were cocktail frocks that would have reached a complete and perfect circle were it not for the models’ legs so rudely perturbing the radius. 
And, yes, it was a little strange, but it was also wholly creative and beautiful. It maybe scared us a little, because maybe when we try the garments on we’ll say “never again.” We’re not sure if we’ll be able to pull them off, but you can bet we’re gonna try — because that’s what fashion is all about.    

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