The New Sexiest Part Of Your Body: A User’s Guide

There's something a little off-putting about the idea that a body part can go in and out of fashion, but it's true. The bullet-bra '50s, the miniskirt '60s, or the shoulder-padded '80s put certain anatomical features front and center, and likewise, fueled women's obsessions with changing the shape of their own. If Zimmermann has anything to say about it, the next "It" body part will be an altogether different one: the sternum.
Yesterday, designers Simone and Nicky Zimmermann showed a collection that highlighted the chest bone in almost every look, in a staggering variety of ways. Cutouts, lace netting, deep V-necks, pants cut so high they practically point to it? Check.
We know, "sternum" pretty much sounds the opposite of sexy (maybe calling it "breast bone" would help?), but showing it off gives your look a louche, slinky, '70s feel. And, here's our favorite part: While women have wildly differing, often strong, feelings about, say, their legs or waists, nobody hates their sternum. There are no exercises to amplify or whittle it. It just is. That's kind of liberating. If this look catches on, it could be the most equal-opportunity trend in a long time. We can get down with that.
Click ahead to see all of the ways Zimmermann wants to show off your sternum.
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