Supermodel Gigi Hadid’s 3 Rules For Life

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Gigi Hadid has already had a fairly momentous 2015: Last month, she was named the face of Maybelline, and shortly thereafter she made a big splash in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. Teen Vogue's March issue followed right behind, and then the 19-year-old announced that she had also landed the cover of Vogue España.  It's been busy for Gigi, to say the least. In fact, just yesterday, she flew from press appearances in Nashville for another round of interviews in New York, where she'd later host a Fashion Week kickoff party with Maybelline and Cleveland Cavaliers basketball player J.R. Smith. But, before she hit the red carpet for a very lengthy photo op, we sat down with the supermodel super-teen to find out more about her show schedule, her ideal front row seat-mate, and her three rules for life.

What are you most excited to see at Fashion Week?
"I am excited for a lot of the shows. I’m for sure sitting at
Diesel and Tory Burch, so I’m excited about that because I walk shows, so I feel
like being able to see it from a different perspective calms my nerves a lot... It’s weird when you’re sitting and watching — you realize it’s not that
big of a deal, that it’s just fashion, and people are looking more at the
clothes than they are at you. When you get that perspective, you take yourself
less seriously, which makes it less nerve-racking, so this is important for my
Fashion Week ritual."

If you could sit next to anyone at a show, who would it be?
"Beyoncé." What's your favorite thing about New York?
"Being able to walk everywhere."    

You're a new face of Maybelline. What's your favorite product that you've discovered from the brand?
"The Nudes Palette. I use it a million different ways and there’s nothing else like it. There’s a matte, light nude shadow I use the
most to shadow my eye, because it looks like a natural shade on me, or a natural contour, and my eyes are almond-shaped, so this brings more
dimension and brings out my eyes more. I’d so much rather a golden, bronze-y
smoky eye than a black and gray one, so I love doing that with it. I use the
black as a liner, and I love using the two whites for highlighting. There are a
million ways to use it."

What's the best piece of beauty advice you've ever received?
"I think it’s from my mom, watching her do her own makeup my
whole life. She never overdid it. I grew up on
a ranch, and if I wanted to go play with her makeup, I could, and I feel like
because she was open with me, and we could hang out in her bathroom and have fun, it
was never that big of a deal for me to be a sixth grader that wanted to wear
eyeliner to school... My thing was navy eyeliner in the eighth grade, and then I started to experiment in high school with makeup and I
never overdid it, and that was something I appreciated about my childhood."

What do you hope to have achieved five years from now?
"I don’t know, because a year ago, if you asked me this
question, I never would have thought I’d be the face of Maybelline or be on the
cover of Vogue or have walked in the Chanel show or any of those things. So I’ve
found that my new thing or what I’ve always done is set three goals for myself every day: Be
nice, work hard, and make a friend. Those things open up more doors than just
having one goal or a couple things I want to achieve in five years."

What's your perfume of the moment?
"I love Acqua di Gioia."

What are three things you always carry in your purse?
"Charger for my iPhone, my notebook where I write things down
and I do drawings and poems and schedules, and my mascara."  

What's your favorite song to listen to while getting ready?

"'Love on Top' by Beyoncé."  

Who's your career role model?
"Candice Swanepoel."   What are your go-to hair products?
"John Frieda Sheer Blonde collection and GHD hot tools."

What's your favorite image that you've created so far?
"My favorite image is my new Vogue cover that just came out.
I love working with [photographer] Benny Horne, but it was actually a very uncomfortable pose I was in to get the shot, even though it doesn’t look like it. So, I feel like when you’re
working hard to make something look good and you have to calm your face and make
it work...and then it’s a Vogue cover on top of it, it's a lot! I love the makeup, it’s so
my style, and the color palette is so amazing."

What's the best Instagram account you follow?
"I love On Abbot Kinney. It’s a photographer named Michael who
does street style photography at Fashion Week, and he gets the most natural, cool
street style pictures and nobody’s posed, and it’s just girls walking down the street
or on the phone, and he’s friends with all the models, so he’ll get them, like, drinking
a smoothie or running in between shows. I feel like I'm at all the Fashion Weeks with him."


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