Drake Is Sad & Wearing Fluffy Winter Coat In New 14-Minute Video

Photo: Via Vimeo.

I'm gonna be really up front with you: I have no idea what is happening in Drake's new video.

Actually, the more appropriate term here may be "short film." It clocks in at 14 minutes and samples just a small bit of new music. The film is called "Jungle" and it has all the hallmarks of what I imagine an acid trip is like.

What I do know is this: Drake and his friends are all wearing puffy jackets, because this appears to have been filmed in Toronto amidst many inches of snow. There's also a bunch of old footage from world events. Bonus: There's home video of a child-aged Drake singing. 

Despite my best efforts to convince our readership at large that Drake isn't the sad man the Internet paints him to be, he does spend a considerable amount of time pouting in a fluffy coat. Oh, and there's a part where he's walking through a club, and there's people everywhere, but they're all frozen. Everything is red. He's moving very slowly. 

My best guess is that this is a commentary on the intersection of fame and global affairs, and perhaps the responsibility the former has to the later. Or, it's just a film in which Drake reminds us he's a good actor. Either way, here's hoping this is a sign of a mixtape that's about to drop. Below, the full edition.

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