The Only Designer That '90s Supermodels Are Still Loyal To

Talk about the perfect Fashion Week #TBT: It's been nearly 25 years since  Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Christy Turlington, and Linda Evangelista paraded down Versace's autumn/winter '91 runway together. Walking arm in arm, they were the ultimate posse of fierce ‘90s supermodels.

Whether you were alive to experience it the first time around or not, it’s an image that’s likely burned into your memory (and possibly your Tumblr page). Not surprisingly, that moment was even more awesome for the models themselves. As Campbell told HuffPost Live this week, "It's great to walk down with women that you respect, that are colleagues. Also, we were friends. That's the most important part. We were friends, we supported each other, loved each other, and that moment was special.”

Now, here's the bad news: Don’t hold your breath for a reunion anytime soon. That is, unless a certain blonde designer happens to come calling again. Just take it from Campbell: "Getting to walk down the runway with Linda and Christy and Cindy, that's something that will never happen again…unless Donatella [Versace] says, 'I want you all back together again.'"

Considering Donatella Versace has the power to recruit Madonna for a surprise campaign and inspire a love song from Lady Gaga, there's no doubt she's the only one who could arrange a '90s runway revival. What say you, DV? (While you wait for the runway redo of our collective dreams, you can watch Campbell's interview in its entirety here.)

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