Nicole Richie Wants You To Know Something About Her Early-2000s Outfits

The main reason that we love hearing what Nicole Richie has to say is because she doesn't sugarcoat anything. The designer and style star is so frank, her own AOL series makes note of it in the title: Candidly Nicole. But, while it’s one thing to be entirely truthful when you're face to face with an angry bee hive or struggling to master the art of synchronized swimming, Richie is also not afraid to get real when it comes to more personal matters. For example, her early-aughts wardrobe.
While we too cringe at the thought of the denim miniskirts and tall shearling boots we once loved so much, and the fact that we modeled some of our looks after Britney Spears, rest assured: Nicole is right there with you. Ahead, she walks us through more than 10 years of style choices — for better or forgotten — weighing in on what she thinks about some of her outfits after the fact.
Consider our trip a sartorial post-mortem, and one in which Richie admits that no past outfits will ever not be a little bit embarrassing. But really, that's all part of the fun of getting dressed. Click through for a #TBT, and a clip of the latest premiere of Candidly Nicole.

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