The Secret To Lauren Conrad Hair, Straight From LC Herself

Photographed by Atisha Paulson.

Any '90s girl worth her weight in
Beanie Babies remembers John Frieda Beach Blonde. Discontinued over a decade
ago, the products had blondes (and plenty of brunettes) everywhere going for
the gold with a range tailored to create that effortless, tousled, sun-kissed, fresh-off-the-beach
look. The line’s standout was the Ocean Waves Spray, a salt spray so amazing at
creating shiny, beachy waves that bottles of the stuff were going for over $100 on eBay after it disappeared from stores.      

Well, thanks to a social-media
petition, Beach Blonde is back on the shelves — and some are saying it’s better
than ever. In honor of the relaunch, the brand has tapped none other
than Lauren Conrad to help spread the news. 

LC knows a few things about mastering that beach-chic appeal — she is an
OC native, after all. And, as far as hair spokeswomen go, you don't get much
better than Lauren Conrad: Her latest haircut practically blew up Instagram, and we have a feeling the recent wave of long bobs sweeping Hollywood (Hi, Kim!) is partly due to how awesome she looks with this style. #Cleartheshoulders
for the win.

Photographed by Atisha Paulson.

We recently sat down with Lauren to
talk about the relaunch, and to get the scoop on all things bob. Dressed in a
Topshop sweater and Rebecca Minkoff shorts, she looked every bit the California
girl she is on a drab winter morning in NYC. As we chatted, LC was
charming, easygoing, and so very gracious — despite the fact that we kept
creepily staring at her effortlessly tousled waves, trying to deduce her
secret so we could go home and replicate it.      

We had assumed Lauren's longtime stylist Kristin Ess was responsible for her 'do, but the brand informed us that LC actually
did it herself! She was shooting a few how-to videos for John Frieda prior
to our talk — this was a look that involved the new Sea Waves Sea
Salt Spray (the updated version of Ocean Waves), and then a crafty
air-drying job. The videos will be live on the John Frieda site starting in mid-March, so be
sure to log on to get the scoop. We've already set ourselves a calendar
reminder to check back.    

Keep reading to find out Lauren's
thoughts on everything from her love of Disney princesses to how she keeps
her blonde looking so, well, beachy.      

Why do you think beach hair is appealing to so many women?    
"I think it’s effortless, and I
think that’s why it’s great. It has also recently become a transitional style,
whereas it used to be more appropriate at a beach. Now, you see girls with
beachy waves in a gown on the red carpet!"      


What makes a blonde beachy?
"I think a beach blonde is a
little more natural — contrasting colors, almost as if your hair has been
bleached over time by the sun."      

Did you use Beach Blonde back in the day?
"Yes, I did!"

So, were you excited that it’s making a comeback? 
"Yes, along with a lot of other
people, apparently!"         

What's your favorite beach in the world?
"My favorite beach in the world
is my beach at home — I just love it. In Laguna, we’re down there on weekends,
and we’ll go in the morning and walk the dogs. It’s a little cove, and it’s
just quiet and beautiful, and I love it!"      

Photographed by Atisha Paulson.

Your recent haircut has been the talk
of the Internet. Did you know it was going to create such a frenzy? Did anyone
inspire you to get this cut?      

"I think it’s just a big trend
at the moment, which is fun! I think it’s something different. I wanted to
go shorter, and I talked to Kristin [Ess] about it and she pulled up some
images, and selected the cut that made the most sense. I do whatever she tells

How are you liking it so far?      
"I like it. It’s definitely more
maintenance for me than longer hair, because I spent half my time in a
top knot, which I can’t do anymore. But, I like it — it’s always fun to
change things up and try something new. I’m probably going to grow it out now,

No more big hair transformations for you, then?
"It’s not going to be big — it’s
going to slowly grow out."      


So, you're not going to show up
suddenly with something crazy like five inches more hair thanks to
"Yeah, that wouldn’t be crazy, that’s very possible."

Photographed by Atisha Paulson.
What's coming up for you in 2015?
"A lot of exciting stuff! Our Paper Crown Bridesmaids line just went into stores, so that’s been really cool! Also, we partnered with Rifle Paper Co.: [We] used three of her prints on our garments, and then she painted those garments into scenes for cards. We just announced that I’m partnering with Disney for my Kohl’s line. I did a Cinderella line, and we have a few more to follow. It’s been so much fun."

Who is your favorite Disney Princess?
"That’s not fair! I’m kind of a
Disney nerd — I’ve always loved Disney. We listen to Disney music on our

What’s the best piece of blonde advice you can give to your fellow blondes?   
"Moisturize it with a leave-in. I think when you color your hair it can take a bit of a toll on it, so I think it’s important to take care of it. Kristin will do a gloss or Wella’s deep conditioner. I do that a few times a week to keep it healthy and moisturized."
What's a beauty product you are obsessing over right now?
"My Beach Blonde Sea Waves Spray. It’s been amazing just for a quick, style-on-the-go option. I’m definitely learning more about hair products, because when my hair was longer I didn’t wear a lot [of products]. I would do a light hairspray, and that was it. I’m learning now about [how] working a product through your hair and giving it a little bit of texture can make a really big difference." 

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