This Is How Kendall Jenner Preps For New York Fashion Week

Kendall Jenner's in town, which could mean one of two things: Either Kanye and Kim's New York babysitter bailed last-minute, or it's Fashion Week. We're going to guess it's the latter bringing Jenner to the Big Apple, after her successful run at the haute couture shows in Paris. Kendall's outfit is also a dead giveaway: She was spotted wearing the standard off-duty-model uniform (muted colors and leather leggings), no doubt to get her head in the game for go-sees.
Barely recovering from her haute-couture jet-lag, Kendall's back at work for one of the biggest months in the fashion calendar. For this reason, her style priority is practicality: a turtleneck and jacket to keep her warm and cozy for a long winter day of appointments, and leather leggings to give the high-end feel and confidence Jenner wants to convey on the runway. 
Have we seen this before? Yes. Is it formulaic? Yes. Does it work every time? Absolutely. Whether or not you're booked to walk New York Fashion Week, a Kendall-inspired look will make even running errands a high-end affair. 

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