16 Beautiful Love Letters Found In Used Books

Thanks to technology, we've all become a bit blasé when it comes to romance. Dashing off a flirty text or Facebook message to a potential date, your significant other, or your spouse is easy. There are even emojis for when you're feeling too lazy to write actual words. We've become so jaded, in fact, that the thought of a hand-written love letter à la Lord Byron is nearly unimaginable. 
Just in time for Valentine's Day, the Huffington Post decided to remind us that love is not, in fact, dead with a list of romantic sentiments discovered in used books at The Strand. These 16 notes may have been (literally) found in a novel, but they're not stories from imagined, star-crossed lovers; they're from real New Yorkers who were lucky enough to experience the head-over-heels romance we all hope for. (Huffington Post)

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