Cute Video Alert: Cat Pets Baby Lamb

As much as we adore cats and their cuteness, they're not the creatures we most expect to see adopting their own cuddly pets. Then we saw this video of Pancake the cat literally petting a baby lamb (a European Mouflon sheep, to be precise). And, as soon as we picked up the pieces of our exploded hearts, that opened up a whole new world to us: lambs as the next big thing in addictively adorable animal videos.

The latest to go viral is a lamb named "Pet," who defies the natural order of sheep dogs and their herds. She thinks she's one of the pack. Her cheerful bounce as she plays with her Collie family is enough to brighten the grossest of gross Sundays. It's like watching a puppy wearing lots of sweaters try out a trampoline.

Is this what Mary was getting at all this time? BRB, building a stable in our apartment.      

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