The Week In Pants: Proposal Pants, Plane Pants, & Pajama Pants

Pants are wonderful. Pants are transformative. Pants are everything you look for in clothes: They give you the ability to sit and stand however you want and can make you look a million feet tall or like a million bucks. And, if that hasn't been your experience with pants, you may be wearing them wrong. Here at Refinery29, we have a healthy obsession with pants and will consistently opt for them whenever possible. We do pants for date night and pants for interviews. We've worn pants to black-tie parties, and some of us even chose pants for our own weddings. In short: We're pants people here, and we're seeing who else wants to join the club.
We already internally keep track of all the great pants moments throughout the week, but we figured there are enough people out there who'd want in on this dispatch, too. Click through to get a leg up in this week in pants.   

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