What Your Emoji Use Reveals About Your Sex Life

Illustrated by Ly Ngo.
Can't get enough of the smiley face with heart eyes? Well, according to this year's Match.com Singles In America survey, you might be having a little more bedroom fun than the rest of us. The results suggest that emoji might offer a surprising window into your sex life.

The survey collected data from a nationally representative sample of 5,675 single Americans and found that those who frequently use emoji in their texts are likely to be having more sex. Over half of emoji-using singles reported having sex in 2014 — compared to 31% of singles who somehow manage to leave out the occasional winky face, embarrassed monkey, or smiling poop. The frequent emoji-ers were also more likely to report having sex monthly than the other survey responders. 

Sure, this is probably more than a little bit ridiculous. How much can you extrapolate from (or flirt with) an eggplant emoji, really? But, Time.com reports that this pattern holds up for people in their 20s, 30s, and 40s, so there's clearly something going on here beyond just the "kids" with their "sexting."

The data revealed some curious gender differences as well: Women were more likely to use the basic, happy smiley face and the kissing-lips emoji than men, while men favored the kissing face and heart eyes more than women did.

Last year's survey revealed other deep dating truths, such as the fact that women are not super interested in your dick pics. Honestly, we're more into that cartoon eggplant. And, for you science-minded readers, there may be more than one reason to say "hello" with a rocketship. 

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