Emoji Experiments Are The Best Thing To Happen To Your Phone

Illustrated by Ly Ngo.
Here's your excuse to send a Snapchat today: A new emoji-based project from General Electric allows us to embrace our inner (or outer) nerd by cramming the excitement of a middle-school science fair into just a few seconds. Baking-soda-and-vinegar volcanos, anyone?
The concept is simple but unique: Through this Friday, December 12, just send an emoji to "GeneralElectric" on Snapchat and they'll send you back a short video of a corresponding science experiment done live in a lab. For instance, sending the fire emoji could get you a video of ink disappearing under a flame. Or, the rocket ship could yield a bottle rocket. Then, once you've seen a cool experiment, you can check out the project's site to get a tutorial on how to do (most of) them at home.
"What we want is for people to embrace the natural world and to understand the laws of nature," Bill Nye told R29, "and the process through which we do that is science." He and a few other celebrity guests, including Jessica Williams, will be performing the experiments in several of the videos, making those sometimes-intimidating scientific concepts both fun and accessible.
Click through here to see a few of the videos. And, let us know what experiments you get from your emoji-chats!

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