Watch Chris Evans, Chris Pratt, & Jimmy Fallon Photobomb The Super Bowl

For the past few weeks, nothing brought me more joy than Chris Evans and Chris Pratt's faux-heated Super Bowl rivalry. Evans, a die-hard Patriots fan, and Pratt, a Seahawk for life, turned a few hilarious Twitter barbs into something that would benefit charities and children's hospitals on both coasts. Even though one team had to lose, there would only be winners in the Star-Lord/Captain America Super Bowl rivalry. They managed to raise a lot of money, and even though the Patriots emerged victorious, they're both going to visit sick children in Seattle and Boston. (See? Everyone wins.) Pratt and Evans also proved to be role models for good sportsmanship. Sure, their respective teams were pummeling each other on the field, and the actors were tossing insults back and forth on Twitter. It was all in good fun, though. The two watched the game together and seem genuinely excited to visit Christopher's Haven and Seattle Children's in their superhero costumes.  The two hunky guys named Chris also made time for fans at the Super Bowl — rather, they made time to photobomb fans with Jimmy Fallon. In this new video, see what happens when Star-Lord, Captain America, and The Tonight Show host surprise people who think they're just getting their photo taken. Feats of strength and physical prowess are arranged (Evans JUMPS OVER a standing Pratt). They all get lei'ed. Chris Pratt does unspeakable things to a hoagie.  When we discuss Super Bowl XLIX in the future, I hope we all remember it for two main reasons: Chris Pratt/Evans' rivalry, and Katy Perry's beautiful sharks

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