This Cat Could Be Your Soul Mate

Oh, look, it's lunchtime. Time to watch a cat video. Today's irresistible entry comes from YouTube user Ohkamp. With his wife away, Ohkamp took the opportunity to quiz his pet cat about love. Specifically, the "36 Questions That Lead To Love," according to The New York Times.

At first, the cat
— name! we need a name!
— seems uninterested. Then things take a turn. Watch for subtle shakes of the head and soft meowing. That neck stretch and tremendous eye-roll can only mean one thing. This little kitty did not have a good relationship with his/her mommy. 

It may not be true love, but we've seen worst first dates. On the other hand, this guy's wife may want to consider just what kind of stuff goes on when she's out of town. (The Daily Dot)

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