There’s A Yeti Roaming Through Boston Right Now

The great Juno storm of 2015 turned out to be less Snowpocalypse Now and more meh-mageddon than meteorologists forecasted. One enterprising yeti still took the opportunity to roam the streets of Boston, for once unfettered by abominable snowmen and Bigfoot chasers. You can also bet your bottom dollar that he has his own Twitter account. The better to track you with, my dear yeti.  Boston residents and social media users across the country are delighted by @BostonYeti2015, who's been updating his account with photos taken during the blizzard and retweeting stories about himself. The Boston yeti has been ignoring the city-wide travel ban, and at one point even tried to hail a cab on McGrath Highway — although he didn't seem to have much luck.  While traditional lore suggests that yetis might have it out for humans, the Boston yeti instead seems to come from a place of love. "#BostonYeti2015 loves the snow, but wants everyone to be safe #blizzardof2015 #snowmaggedon2015 #juno2015 #yetisafety," he tweeted along with a photo of himself on an empty street last night at 11 p.m. It's nice that he's looking out for the people of Boston. What a lovable mascot for #snowmaggedon2015, and how kind of him to arrange school closings for local children. 

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