Kate Middleton Is The Latest Victim Of Photoshop Butchery

Photo: REX USA/Nils Jorgensen/Rex.
Once upon a time, the worst thing a royal could hear was "Off with her head!" Now, it's "Let's just shrink the waist a bit, get rid of that hip, and maybe add a tan/some lipstick/freckles." Cue an eye roll. Just ask the Duchess of Cambridge, whose usually lovely image has been airbrushed beyond all recognition for the cover of Australia's Woman's Day. Can they get kicked out of the Commonwealth for that?  While it's not exactly Bruce Jenner-on-In Touch horrendous, the women's magazine did quite a number on the pregnant royal's features. Though the Woman's Day Facebook page has updated its cover image to a less-Photoshopped version, you can see their print version below. Where'd that lip come from? How did her earrings get so big and sparkly? Why did they make her look so tired? Vampire eyes are not her thing.
Photo: Via Woman's Day/Facebook.
Back off, guys. The woman's body is changing enough as it is. She doesn't need unnecessary face alterations on top of it all.

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