4 Celebs Who Took A Stand Against The Indignity That Is The Mani Cam

Photo: Jim Smeal/BEImages.
There are a ton of rituals female celebrities have to endure before taking that long stroll down the red carpet on awards nights. Aside from the primping and preening, there are all the asinine questions to answer that have nothing to do with their latest project. As if that wasn't enough, since 2012 E! has been asking them to step up to the Mani Cam to show off their elaborate nail art and bling-y ring choices. It seemed like a good idea when nail art was at its fever pitch. But, now that the trend is starting to wane, it feels played out. Still, stars are having to suffer the indignity of parading their polished digits — effectively reducing themselves to the lacquer on their tips. "Oh, you're up for a best-actress Oscar for portraying a Nobel laureate? That's nice. Let's see if your nail polish matches your engagement ring!" At last night's SAG Awards, it seemed like a lot of the celebs were mad as hell and not going to take it anymore. At least four leading ladies snubbed the Mani Cam. Jennifer Aniston looked at Maria Menounos like she had eight heads when the host asked her to parade her paws. Reese Witherspoon used a distraction tactic: She pulled Sofia Vergara over to Maria to show off her ring. Orphan Black star Tatiana Maslany was having none of it and apparently hurt E!'s feelings so much, its staff wrote an article about it. Julianne Moore was the most direct of the bunch, saying, "I'm not doing that!" After which, Maria Menounos' head appeared to explode. Frankly, the entire practice is insanely awkward and boring. Plus, it's not like anyone asks dudes to go for a stroll with their fingers while the camera zooms in. We're glad these women are starting to see the cam's ridiculousness. Keep fighting the good fight, ladies. Here's hoping E! takes the hint and kills the Mani Cam before the Oscars. Although, we'd pay good money to see Angelina Jolie's sure-to-be-priceless reaction to being asked to "walk" her fingers down that makeshift little carpet. Just sayin'.

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