Kim Kardashian Doesn't Age, Shares #FBF Photo

For Kim Kardashian, #SomeThingsNeverChange. While that statement could be applied to many things in Kim's life — her contouring routine, her love of tummy-baring tops, or fondness for shameless selfies — this time it's her age-defying looks. (Maybe she really is on to something with that no smiling to prevent wrinkles thing.)

"#FBF 6 year old Kimmie vs 30 year old Kimmie #SomeThingsNeverChange," Kim captioned the side-by-side comparison of her sporting braids at age 6 and at age 30, proving she's basically a vampire/drinks the blood of virgins/doesn't age.

#FBF 6 year old Kimmie vs 30 year old Kimmie #SomeThingsNeverChange

A photo posted by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

Kim Kardashian shares #FBF photo proving she looks exactly the same.
That's not the only nostalgic snap the mogul's shared recently. It looks like Mrs. Kanye West took a trip down memory lane the day before by sharing not one, but two #TBT photos. The first shows a smiling young Kim with ice skates proclaiming "#TBT Ice skating was my thing." (Are we the only ones secretly hoping some of her old skating videos will surface?) The other image showed her and her sister on the red carpet with the caption: "Since it's award season I will do my #TBT to the time Kourtney and I went to the Emmys."

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