​Cop Rocks Out To Taylor Swift’s Sweet Beats​

Remember those coloring books that featured the brave firefighter and the friendly neighborhood police officer? The fine crimefighters of the Dover, DE police force are trying to bring those days back with this “DashCamConfessional”* video of an unnamed officer singing along and snapping his fingers to Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off.” Unfortch, the infectious snippet (Even the governor retweeted it!) is a total fake.
TMZ was the first to figure it out but it’s pretty obvious this isn’t an officer on duty. Patrolman Swifty’s finger point at 1:18 and the moment at 1:53 where he ostensibly stops at a traffic light and waves some pedestrians across are strong hints that the thing is scripted. Not to mention the fact that the guy takes his hands off the wheel at various moments, never uses the turn signal on his vehicle, doesn’t have the police radio on and, worst of all, is listening to “Shake It Off” and not “Blank Space,” which is clearly the superior song.
Even though it’s fake, it’s pretty cute. But, if the DPD really wants to go viral, they should set the next one to “Don’t Shoot.”
*Chris Carrabba must love this.

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