Meet Skellie, The Skeleton Taking Instagram By Storm

More than 131K people follow a model skeleton on Instagram, and we don't mean the catwalk kind. Skellie, who Instagrams at omgliterallydead, is a skeleton that some very enterprising person had lying around their house. Said person poses Skellie in different Instagram-friendly scenarios, like indulging in a cupcake or eating brunch, and then uploads the pics with "basic" captions. Are you the type of person who knows which Friends character you are? Do you enjoy posting pics of your #OOTD? Do you feel strongly about seasonal Starbucks flavors? If so, you and Skellie have a lot more in common than you might think at first glance.
Skellie's first interview is chock full of millennial wisdom, such as, "Start sexting before the date! Let's be real, it's 2015 and a girl HAS to have a preview of the material. But, if sexting before the date is not your thing, then you do you, boo, don't waste your time on some ByePhilippe nonsense." She also advised, "A juice cleanse is the BEST way to detox, and if you don’t have a juicer, then you can just buy a bunch of orange juice from the corner store and start there. To de-stress, I'm very into long, warm baths or hot tub soaks, the kind of stuff that warms you straight to your bones, y'know?" Out of the fleshless mouths of skeletons, y'all.
Grab your favorite hashtaggable snack, and check out some of Skellie's skelfies. [Vocativ]

OPERN BAR AT XMAS PARTTy!!'n! #openbar #tistheseason #getlow #turnt

Fotka zveřejněná uživatelem Skellie ? (@omgliterallydead),


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