Anyone Who Hates Their Phone Battery Will Love This

Illustrated by Austin Watts.
Even if you have a phone charger stashed in every corner of your life, you're still stuck waiting around for your phone to actually charge. But, a new system demoed this week at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas could change all that. Once perfected, the fast-charging battery technology may have your phone up and running again in just seconds, BBC reports.
The technology is being developed by Israeli startup StoreDot, which demoed a previous version of the gadget in April. Using a form of organic battery, the company has figured out how to harness the power of specially-synthesized molecules that work to charge devices at much higher speeds. However, the existing prototype doesn't hold enough power within a practical size. For the time being, it works through a separate docking station and isn't compatible with most phone models. But, it does work fast.
But, the company hopes to solve these challenges by 2017. Until then, we'll keep our chargers close and our trusty back-up batteries closer.

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