Forget Photoshop: Gemma Ward Gets Xeroxed For Prada's New Campaign

Photo: Courtesy of Prada.
She might’ve taken a six-year hiatus from modeling in order to raise her daughter, but Gemma Ward is making up for lost time in a major way: by debuting a brand new campaign for — bless Miuccia — Prada.
The Aussie supermodel first surprised the industry back in September when she walked in Prada’s spring 2015 runway show. This unexpected appearance not only blew up social media (this was a fashion die-hard's dream, after all), but sparked the question of whether this model-turned-actress was finally returning to the spotlight for good. Given the editorials following her Prada cameo, including an Australian Vogue cover, let's just say the answer is a resounding hell yes.
But now, the 27-year-old is one-upping even herself with the killer campaign. Shot by Steven Meisel, the black-and-white image emerged online yesterday and features Ward wearing a sleeveless brocade dress from the spring '15 collection. Her beauty look stayed true to the runway vibe, as well, showcasing winged eyeliner and a subtler take on this season’s ubiquitous wet-hair trend.
Because Prada’s ad campaigns always come injected with a dose of unexpected quirk, this time around, it seems the brand has foregone Photoshop for...a Xerox machine? The deliberately shadowy, lo-fi effect almost looks like the editors ran the original image to Kinko’s, and time traveled it back to the early aughts (fitting, considering that was Ward's modeling heyday). We're definitely not complaining; the resulting pic beats a chopped-off arm and extraterrestrial-proportioned waist anytime. (IMG)

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