Angelina Jolie's '90s Hair Is Surprisingly Epic

Photo: Willi Schneider/REX USA.
Angelina Jolie is a woman who has a look — and it works for her. The actress-humanitarian-director's makeup is typically minimal and elegant, her hair is either blown out voluminously or left naturally waved, and her complexion is always glowing. But, in 1995, Angie had quite a different style. Proof? Right before starring in her breakout film Hackers, she posed in a previously unpublished photo shoot that The Daily Mail recently stumbled upon. While most people are buzzing about the fact that Angie is topless, we're interested in something else entirely — her hairstyle.
Let's get one thing out of the way: Angelina seems not to have aged a day in the past 20 years. Looking at these photos, it's stunning to see how similar she looks as a 19-year-old and now.
That being said, this shoot is also a slightly hilarious window into the early years of a woman who has since been on the covers of Vanity Fair and Vogue, made headlines for her red carpet appearances, and become an internationally recognized humanitarian. Alas, here she is writhing against a concrete wall before her first big blockbuster. Hey, we all have to start somewhere, right?
But, let's hone in on that epic '90s hair. (That color! That style! Those chunky layers!) Does anyone else remember what Mandy Moore looked like in the early aughts? It's a blend of that and The Rachel, before Jennifer Aniston made it popular and gave it a name. Oh, nostalgia.
It's a side of Angie we haven't really seen before. Even so, she looked better than we did in '95, so she still has the upper hand. If anyone can pull off choppy layers and lower-back tattoos, it's this woman.
Click through to see some photos from the shoot.

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