Robot Bartender Is Everything You Need In Life

Ever fire up your Sodastream and think "Wow, I wish this thing could make me a cocktail?" Your dream has come true (kinda).
Meet Somabar, the "world's first app controlled automated bartending appliance," as described by the creator of the robot bartender. What's that mean? Well, if it works as described, you pick the drink you want via an app, point it at Somabar and wait five seconds for your drink. If you've ever tried to flag down a busy bartender on a Friday night, you know how exciting this is.
The founders, who are trying to raise money via a Kickstarter to roll the Somabar out later in 2015, claim that making your own cocktails is boring and messy and storing bottles is a waste. However, unlike Sodastream, you must fill the six pods on the Somabar yourself — with gin, whiskey, bitters, club soda and other spirits and mixers — which could also be messy (and you still have to store bottles of booze, right?). Also, six pods would seem to limit the number of drinks you could make with the machine.
The possibilities for fun, once you get the thing up and running, are pretty endless. How far away can you be when you request a drink? Because the idea of picking a cocktail while getting out of the car after a long day and having it ready when you walk in the door? Kind of amazing.
Also, pro-tip: you can make wine spritzers in a Sodastream. Not that we've tried.

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