Jay From Serial Says He’s Ready To Talk

It's been almost one week since the final episode of Serial left many of us with more questions than answers. Season 1 may be over, but Sarah Koenig's investigation unearthed a litany of important evidence and many lingering doubts. The Innocence Project will continue to look into Adnan Syed's case, and the DNA evidence unearthed during the investigation will be tested.
One key player managed to remain elusive throughout the course of Koenig's research: Jay, the state's key witness in the case against Adnan. Koenig did confront Jay, but their conversation — which took place at his house — was kept off the record save for recollections. She also emailed with Jay after they spoke, but he eventually declined to be interviewed.
The confrontation occurred in episode 8, which was called "The Deal With Jay." During the remaining four episodes, Jay's name has continued to come up, his character questioned repeatedly.
Now that it's over, Jay allegedly wants to talk. Although his last name was never revealed on the podcast, listeners were able to track him down through various means of sleuthing. His Facebook profile was unearthed. Yesterday, he apparently posted that he's ready to be interviewed.
Sarah Koenig has yet to respond, but she did address the accusation of Hae's death as entertainment on NPR's Fresh Air yesterday. "We worried about that a lot and we talked about it a lot," Koenig said. "At the end of the day, we couldn't control it."

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