Tinder Ghost Proves Guys On Tinder Don't Care If You're Dead

Men on dating sites can be so gullible and unfunny that it makes you want to cry.
Student and comedian Grace Spelman decided to laugh instead, and created a Tinder profile for a ghost. She's been posting the results on Twitter, so we can all nod and say, "Yep, that sounds about right."
Spelman created a profile based loosely on herself, she told Mashable, except her face is swirled out in all photos and her bio says things like, "I haven't felt the temptation to partake of succulent human flesh since my execution for crimes against humanity." Then she swiped right a whole lot.
Most men swiped right to meet her. Turns out, they're quite intrigued by the idea of a hookup from beyond the grave — or they're just really frustrated when they can't see a girl's profile pic. The best is when her subjects aren't quite sure whether or not to challenge her claims.
"Ever since my death I'm no longer human. I'm trapped inside an orb of energy," she tells one responder. "How u talking," he asks. "iCloud," she replies. Of course!
Then there are the guys who can't help but be pervs, even in the face of tragic lost souls.
More than anything, this experiment proves that not everyone can be quick-witted on a phone app.
This is even funnier than that time Buzzfeed answered OK Cupid suitors with nothing but quotes from 50 Shades of Grey. (Mashable)

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