Daring Show Celebrates The World Of Kink

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Showtime certainly doesn't avoid sex — it's home to such shows as Masters of Sex, Gigolos, and Secret Diary Of A Call Girl, to name a few — but it has never broached the topic quite as directly as it does in Sex With Sunny Megatron. This unabashed exploration and celebration of sexuality, hosted by educator and advocate Sunny Megatron, airs its season-one finale tonight at 11 p.m. ET/PT. Whether or not you've seen previous episodes, you won't want to miss this one. Over the show's first season, Sunny has tackled sexuality head-on, approaching everything from clown fetishes to BDSM with honesty and compassion. "My number-one goal has always been to help end sexual stigma and normalize alternate forms of sexuality," she tells us. "In my opinion, the best way to do that is to get people talking about it." Read on to learn more about the show and hear Sunny's thoughts on her favorite subject.
What were you hoping to accomplish with this show that you didn't think was offered elsewhere?
"There have been plenty of other television shows that deal with sex, but most of them portray their participants as freaks and weirdos. I hadn’t yet seen a program that regarded alternative forms of sexuality as normal and accessible, as they are in the real world. That's what sets Sex With Sunny Megatron apart. Our aim isn’t to sensationalize and shock; it’s to educate. Sex can make people nervous, and laughter usually lightens the mood, so we use a lot of humor. This helps viewers let their guards down, allowing them to relate to the folks on the screen and learn things they can use in their own bedrooms."
Did the season unfold as you expected? Were there any surprises or things that didn’t go according to plan?
"Casting was a real challenge. The premise of the show is to bring viewers into sexual worlds inhabited by relatable, average people just like them — next-door-neighbor types. Well, those are the last people who want to expose their most intimate thoughts and moments on TV. Also, since we hadn’t aired yet, prospective cast members had no frame of reference or guarantee that we weren’t actually a cheesy reality show that would poke fun at them. As a result, it was really difficult finding the right folks to feature — but we did it.
"Also, the censorship rules were challenging. For instance, it’s fine to show flaccid penises but not erect penises. When we film sex scenes, we want them to be as authentic as possible, so there’s no cutting or doing things over; we get one take, and that’s it. But, it was really challenging for the director and camera crew to capture shots without erections. They had to jump all over the place to get angles that showed the action without showing too much action. Those shoots were funny to watch; the camera operators practically turned into acrobats!"
Photo: Courtesy Of Showtime.
What do you hope viewers took away from the first season?
"That their bodies, desires, and turn-ons are perfectly normal. So many of us suppress our sexual feelings and curiosities because we’re ashamed. Sexual shame hurts us more than we realize. Learning about sexuality and talking about it with partners is one way to start shedding that shame, and my show helps people do that. I’ve received so many letters from fans telling me how the show inspired them to have meaningful conversations about sex with their partners for the very first time, that a particular segment made them feel validated and more confident in their own skin, or that they had mind-blowing sex because they tried something new they learned on the show. If, after watching season one, people feel a little less scared of their own sexuality, then I have achieved my goal."
What are your favorite moments from the show, and why do they stand out?
"It’s so hard to narrow them down to just a few! Honestly, I have favorite elements from each segment. I think, overall, what amazed me about filming the show was getting to dive down deep with people — having them not only divulge their most personal thoughts and fantasies, but also share such intimate physical moments. It was the human element in each segment that was magical to me. A few that stand out: the race-play scene, because it broke down a lot of misconceptions I personally had about the practice; the insect-fetish segment, for much the same reason; and the clown orgy, because that is a personal fetish of mine.
"Fingers crossed we will be given the green light for season two soon. We’ll keep doing what we do best, by bringing viewers even more [information] about little-explored sexual practices and sub-communities. Having positive sexual role models and seeing real examples of sexuality can help you not only gain knowledge but also build confidence in yourself. Unfortunately, we aren’t exposed to real-world sexual situations very often. I’m hoping to change that."

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