Watch Sarah Koenig Unravel In Funny Or Die's Serial Parody

Sarah Koenig has been up front with us the entire time. Serial, the true crime podcast that's become the newest water cooler topic, is "one story, told week by week." From the start, Koenig refused to cast judgment or speculate how the story would end until she was done reporting it.
That was before everyone was truly hooked, though, and the podcast became the fastest to reach 5 million downloads in iTunes history. Listeners are eagerly anticipating the release of the final episode tomorrow. Everyone wants to know what Koenig's findings ended up revealing about who really killed Hae Min Lee.
What if Koenig herself still doesn't know, though? That's the problem in this Funny or Die parody which stars Michaela Watkins. As the clock ticks down to the final hour to record the last episode, Koenig (Watkins) tries desperately to tie up loose ends and determine who committed the crime. She searches the Best Buy site for pay phones. She calls Adnan, but he doesn't know either. Jay remains as elusive and unreachable as ever.
The executives from Mail Chimp even stop by to thank Koenig for giving them brand recognition beyond their wildest dreams. In the end, though, we need a suspect...and the crime is coming from inside the podcast booth.

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