Yes, There Was A Jewish Wizard At Hogwarts

Photo: Courtesy Warner Bros.
J.K. Rowling really knows how to make someone's Hanukkah. Yesterday, the Harry Potter author tweeted a response to a reader's concern that Hogwarts had no Jewish students amongst the Mudbloods, half-bloods, ghosts, and slimy Slytherins. He needn't have worried.
Ah, yes, Mr. Goldstein. According to his Wiki page, the half-blood wizard was from Harry's year. He belonged to the Ravenclaw house, and later became a prefect in year five alongside Parvati Patil's twin sister, Padma. He also joined Dumbledore's Army and fought in the Battle of Hogwarts.
There you have it. It is worth mentioning, also, that Daniel Radcliffe himself has a Jewish mother.

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