Apple's Newest Ad Will Reduce You To A Ball Of Mush

Apple continues its tradition of releasing holiday ads that leave you misty-eyed. Last year's holiday offering, "Misunderstood, featured a teen who seemed much more interested in his phone than his extended family that had gathered together for the holidays. At the end of the ad, it's revealed that he was really putting together a sweet video of family memories.
This year's ad is called "The Song." In the beginning, a girl is sorting through old records and finds a rendition of "Love Is Here to Stay" that her grandmother recorded for her grandfather one Christmas when they couldn't be together. Using various Apple products, the granddaughter records her own version of the song and syncs their two versions together to create a cross-generational duet. On Christmas morning, she presents her grandmother with old photos of her grandparents, the original record, and an iPad mini so she can listen to their "new" song.
I'm sorry, is someone cutting onions in here? These Apple ads tell exactly the right stories in a time when it seems like most people use technology as a means to avoid human interaction and emotion — not foster it. Watch "The Song" below and maybe (fine, definitely) have some tissues at the ready.

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