These In-Flight Instagrams Are Awesome & Illegal

Ah, who doesn't love a great sunset Instagram? When it comes to happy snaps, they're right up there with Princess Monstertruck and #sundaybrunch and chubby puppies.
Turns out that airline pilots are only human, and they're just as cowed by natural beauty as the rest of us. Why wouldn't they stop to snap a pic during takeoff or landing?
Because, aside from just being a terrifying idea to anyone who flies the increasingly unfriendly skies, it's illegal.
Last February the FAA ruled that pilots are prohibited from "using personal wireless communications devices or laptop computers for personal reasons during all aircraft operations." Plus, as Quartz points out, some of the Instagram snaps appear to be taken during take-off or landing, which is a huge violation of the "sterile cockpit rule," which "forbids pilots to engage in distracting behavior during critical phases of flight, including take-off and landing." Never mind fiddling with smart phones or your GoPro; the pilots aren't even supposed to be talking. It's like no one even saw that Denzel Washington movie Flight.
Anyway, enjoy these scenic snaps while they last. A whole bunch of accounts have already been deleted because, you know, it's illegal. Then please pass the Xanax — we have a lot of holiday flying to do. (Quartz)

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