12 Of Instagram’s Strongest: The #GirlsWhoLift

Those of you on Reddit already know just how many different subcultures and communities that site plays host to. Though many of these subreddits are great resources for their subscribers, few are as supportive and positive as XXFitness. This is where the #girlswholift — and the girls who squat, build, etc. — live.
These women go to the XXFitness forums seeking advice, encouragement, and, most importantly, constructive criticism on everything from their form to weight-room etiquette. Then, once they hear back from their fellow #fitchicks, they hit the gym IRL and inevitably post to Instagram. They use their accounts to track their progress and to offer up inspiration for their followers. Many of these women are just as quick to post about a less-than-great leg day as they are to update their maximum weights, and that's maybe the best thing about following these ladies: They're legit, and they're honest.
The #girlswholift have created a warm, welcoming community where anyone can feel safe to post their #transformations, their cheat-meal recipes, and, of course, their self-congratulatory selfies.
Click through for 12 photos that prove how these strong women keep each other inspired — while benching more than we ever will.

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