You Can Vote For Lego To Make More Female Scientists

When a seven-year-old pointed out a letter earlier this year that "there are more Lego boy people and barely any Lego girls," Lego responded by working with geoscientist and lifetime Lego fan Ellen Kooijman to create and manufacture more female characters — specifically, an astronomer, a chemist, and a paleontologist.
Now, Kooijman (also known by her Lego community name Alatariel) has returned to the crowdsourced Lego Ideas project with another trio of fierce Lego scientists — an archaeologist, a wildlife biologist, and a geologist.
Lego, which used to be a faceless, genderless toy, has been moving their products towards an outdated paradigm of pink toys and shopping for girls (and jobs and adventures for boys). On the Lego Friends site — a line specifically for girls — the characters are going on a jungle adventure in mini-skirts. Girls (and Lego) need to be able to dream bigger than that.
So, what can you do? Head over to Lego's Ideas page and support this new project. As of this writing, the set has a just over 2,400 supporters. In order for Lego to review a set (and consider putting it into production), it needs 10,000 supporters within a year of being submitted.
Come on, what are you waiting for? Did we mention the biologist comes with a tiger you can build? Brick tiger! Who doesn't want that? (Lego Ideas)

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