Sriracha Beer Confirms It’s The New Pumpkin Spice

Photo: Courtesy of Rogue.
Winter is officially upon us. The only remnants of Pumpkin Spice Season are Valencia-filtered memories and startlingly high rewards balances on Starbucks apps everywhere. Which is all well and good, because it's time for Sriracha Season.
Since we almost lost the cult condiment last year, everything from lollipops to lip balm comes in Sriracha flavor. And, now its beer's turn to keep the spicy dream alive. Cheers, all.
Rogue Sriracha Hot Stout Beer is made with the Huy Fong hot chili sauce. The website suggests washing down your spicy food with a cold Rogue, but you may want to keep a water pitcher on standby, just in case.
While this is undoubtedly good news for hot-sauce fanatics, we can't help but wonder: Have we reached peak Sriracha? Beer, vodka, and portables — there are even Sriracha candy canes floating around out there, somewhere, too. But, what's next? Sriracha lube? Oreos? Toothpaste? Will we have burned off all our tastebuds before we realize it has gone too far?
Huy Fong? Please confirm. (Mashable)

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